Ins & Outs of November 2010

Dubai Qatar
public transportation cab fantasies on the subway
Kate Middleton Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
overlooking Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” Oliver Stone
the upper middle class the middle class
tabloids online gossip
Harry Potter reading grown-up books
Stephanie Meyer Harry Potter
Donald Trump Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz
credit cards zero balance: the new status symbol
Champagne sparkling water
partying like it’s 2007 sanity and sobriety
the grocery store the grocery store
Paraguay Uruguay
Monaco without a Casiraghi heir Liechtenstein
arriving ignorant anywhere remembering to say “the polo”
drama queen medical shows Nurse Jackie: so realistic that they just don’t care
ultra high heels dignity
dreadlocks Hungarian Pulis
Bryan Ferry making dance music that jackass Kanye West
oppressive good taste Jackass 3D
Anna Wintour Carine Roitfeld
Arizona Hawaii
reproducing population control
the term “partner” gf/bf: childish, but doesn’t sound like your fellow cop
the Ritter subplot in “The Event” Sophia the alien on “The Event”
Rescue Me’s latest season “Luther” from BBC
the midterm elections thinking of anything positive to say about them
SNL Bronx Beat and Weekend Update on SNL
Versace Bvlgari
American Vogue The Approval Matrix in New York mag
smoking longing to smoke again with every fiber of your being
127 Hours and other sadism marathons Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Shia LaBeouf Josh Brolin
BP forever remembering last season’s apocalyptic disaster
the music of Janelle Monae the idea of Janelle Monae
Pyxis machines pharmacists
even the words “tea party” garden parties at Buck House
Obama fatigue fatigue fatigue

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9 Responses to “Ins & Outs of November 2010”

  1. Factman says:

    Always in: Jocelyn Wildenstein

  2. Neil Shyminsky says:

    I think that I don’t get some of them, but that’s to be expected. I like the the consecutive Harry Potter entries, though. Stringing them together like that gives an extra incentive to go through the list – there’s a narrative, of sorts.

  3. bob hartzell says:

    out- Kia, in-Pontiac. out- letter press, in- silkscreen. out- red and green, in- orange and blue. out- focused internalization, in- interdisciplinary. out- personal, in- community.

  4. Kristen says:

    Out – reading pricey new books that say nothing new; In – reading free out-of-copyright classics on an ereader.

    Out – political apathy; In – strong and polarized political views.

    Out – complaining that Toronto lacks culture; In – trying desperately to promote Toronto culture to save it from the Ford-axe.

  5. Goodwillie says:

    Very impressive, Erin. And you’re right about the Approval Matrix, which is the only thing anyone reads down here. Hope all’s well up north.. David

  6. Liz says:

    These lists are seriously smart, and will be used by me to make people think I know things.

    But I have a serious question on ultra high heels. I saw teenaged girls teetering around Glasgow in what looked like 7 inch heels last spring, no way of walking in them without sticking their bums out and bending forward from the waist, sometimes holding onto their boyfriends’ shoulders from behind to balance. The effect was, with the white flesh below the minute skirts, that they looked like enormous plucked chickens. I suppose the position was good for being sick from, but I couldn’t figure out how anyone can walk in those ultra high heels with any grace. Is the trick to plonk your foot down all at once as if it were hitting a magnetic plate? Who teaches stars how to teeter? What is the trick?

    I actually saw some elegant Italian women last summer who were wearing flat cork soled sandals — with chic straps, but still, Birkenstocks dressed up as mules. Could what you call dignity REALLY be making inroads?

    • Erin O'Brien says:

      Fascinating discussion of shoes. I’m almost going to contradict myself with some crazy high heels, but first off, these are for the runway and the music video only. Not for slags or people you see in 3-D. Even Gaga was photographed falling down at Heathrow wearing immense platform shoes WITHOUT A HEEL by super avant-garde designer Noritaka Tatehana. I adore them. Gaga is galloping like a pony in photos in her Vanity Fair cover issue. She looks like a centaur. And then there are in the incredibly, head-explodingly cool ten-inch high “armadillo heels” from the Spring 2010 McQueen collection.

      High heels require almost no arse so you get a plumb-line down the back, and not much of a bust. They are for stick people, to emphasize their stick figures. But they look trashy with jeans, despite current trends, and are dubious when your male escort is suddenly 3″ shorter than you: you both look bad, aesthetically though not politically.

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