We come to inform Grandad again of our good fortune: short fiction

I try to tell him again, but he is not listening.

They’re coming to get her.

Who, grandad, I ask sadly.

He points with his nose at Catherine/Kate on TV.

Aristocrat, he says decidedly in the TV room. He leans back in the armchair with a palm on one armrest, his legs lavishly crossed. He is grand.

Soon the sentences will stop, so we try to avoid cutting off any in formation. We wait a while.

His name is Jock, a name not really in use anymore. He is a thing without a relevant name. And Kate is no aristocrat.

What we don’t know is that, for his Royal Wedding day, the nurses have given him a secret to chew on like a horse on a bouquet of flowers.

The secret, about which he is right: she should wear an off-white dress.

2 Responses to “We come to inform Grandad again of our good fortune: short fiction”

  1. Pook says:

    Kate is no aristocrat indeed…

  2. Elaine Day says:

    Erin O’Brien

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    Thank you. Kind regards, Elaine Day


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